Cat Escape-Cat Escape v21.3 MOD APK (Unlocked All Skins)

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Cat Escape


Puzzle games are always built with interesting themes so as not to cause feelings for the player, so in the game, you will accompany the super cute cat and at the same time demonstrate IQ skills through tough questions. The game will give you a series of different challenges for you to conquer and discover new exciting things, but don’t forget to complete the mission.


Puzzle games will often focus on finding answers to questions from easy to complex and different game modes. But when coming to Cat Escape, players will be led to an entirely new space when becoming a lovely cat going through different levels without the guards’ detection. Your task is to role-play the character then start your mission through the first levels to be able to conquer new goals is not easy.

The game will take you to the unique contexts in a room, and after the start signal, you need to quickly depart and avoid the eyes of the guards who are always lurking around. In addition, in this game, you also need to prepare the necessary skills to be able to deal with the tough questions that the game offers and conquer new challenges.


Cat Escape is built with a puzzle theme, but the gameplay is very attractive because you will be adventurous to many exciting things. This game will require you to use unique tactics to overcome challenging levels. The game is built with attractive gameplay along with exciting features that will surely bring you the best experience.

There will be different paths hidden in each level, so players need to control their characters to move quickly and slowly depending on the way they observe to avoid being detected by the soldiers. Besides, you will also need always to focus because even a little carelessness will also have you playing from the beginning. In addition, you only need to perform simple operations to control everything and quickly complete the assigned tasks to advance to the next level.


This is a highly patient game, so you must make smart strategies as you progress to higher levels. The challenges will also increase gradually to create more new spaces with fascinating contexts waiting for you to explore. During the course of the mission, your character will need to collect items by taking advantage of agile movements without being detected. You can flexibly move to avoid the sight of the soldier and destroy the square walls to reach the destination successfully.

Nothing is simple, but players will constantly need to complete the goal at each level. The game will have no time limit, and however, you will have to start over and lose if you get caught. In addition, players can also take advantage of the opportunity when the opponent looks the other way to go towards the door most simply.


Cat Escape will provide you with many different game modes, from easy to difficult, so your task is to complete the most basic levels step by step to be able to progress further and show your quick IQ. Besides, the game is built with sharp full HD graphics to create a vivid feeling for players and not cause boredom so you can comfortably experience it. However, the game context will not be as simple as the first few minutes, but the guards are set up with a higher level of vigilance, and the room will not contain too many hidden places, so you need to be careful if not want to be arrested.


Experience a puzzle game with many exciting features and challenging questions to challenge yourself, start your quest, and adventure into a new world when you transform into an adorable catThe game is built with a puzzle theme, but it is not boring; it will definitely give you many new super attractive goals and help you train your mind through puzzles.Start the mission when you reach the first levels, and your task is to find a way to overcome the sight of the guards to reach the finish line as quickly as possible without being detected.Attractive gameplay leads you to perfect spaces when in a cat’s body but surrounded by a series of new challenges; you will need to be patient to complete the task because it is not easy.New targets will gradually increase with each level, and players will have to face dangers when the guards are added with many new detrimental features, so be careful to avoid detection.