Candy Chicks-Candy Chicks v0.99.72 MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money, Items)

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Candy Chicks


Candy Chicks is a game where players will have the opportunity to meet beautiful characters and overcome match-three levels to progress in the game. You will interact with these girls through the options you feel are necessary. Gradually, their secrets will be unlocked, and it will prove your victory.


The story the player experiences in Candy Chicks involves a character who works in a toy company. This character’s life is entirely successful and desirable when his salary is high, and there are always beautiful women around him. But until one day, his life was changed when he was called and assigned a new mission. You have to go to a new place to do your job.

The goal of this job is that he will go to Amazon to test his toy products. From there, it will help his company’s toy sales market become stronger and stand up to other competitors that are constantly growing. At the same time, he also meets many beautiful girls who help him with the necessary information along the way, and of course, you can also build your relationship with them.


One point that any player will take time to overcome in Candy Chicks is the varied match-three levels of challenge and difficulty that you will face. The rules in this game are straightforward when you will observe the match elements and establish a link between the elements of the same color and close to each other. At the same time, depending on the number of factors that you match, you will get different effects in the game.

Passing the match-three levels allows you to make specific progress in the game with the girls you love. At the same time, these levels are constantly changing in terms of goals and difficulties that you must complete. Specifically, you’ll find a requirement to complete and some moves that help you make a link. These elements are all understandable but sometimes will cause you to replay the same level many times.


In Candy Chicks, players will meet many different girls on their way to the Amazon, and you will be completely impressed with their beautiful appearance. So you’ll want to interact with these characters, and of course, it will take a lot of time and resources for you to increase your level of affection for her. You will interact and choose an impressive answer brought by this game and suitable for the situation you observe. At the same time, the gifts you find also promote specific effects.

You can also message these girls and confirm how close you are to these characters. Simultaneously, you will find the secrets sent to you by these girls, and that can be seen as a goal that anyone wants to aim for.

The character’s journey ultimately attracts players because:

You will have a long journey to the Amazons full of challenges and opportunities to meet attractive characters.The characters you interact with possess entirely an impressive appearance that you wish to date them.Each character has stories and secrets that you will gradually be able to unlock.Fun match-three gameplay engages players and always offers challenging requests that you are forced to complete.There will be many ways for you to build relationships with characters, from interactions to gifts with different effects.