COLOR aMAZE-COLOR aMAZE v3.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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COLOR aMAZE is a game that will provide its players with extremely high entertainment with exciting challenges. If you are a person who is interested and looking for a game that possesses entertainment elements and simple gameplay, this is a highly suitable choice. Coming to this game, players will participate in challenges that require high calculation to be able to color and fill colorful mazes.


With the development of the game market today, many game manufacturers often direct their products to extremely complex gameplay. But with Max Golubov, he has the opposite idea that will give his players the most straightforward entertainment game. That’s why COLOR aMAZE will bring to you the game genre built in the extremely familiar Puzzle style.

Coming to his part, the player will be able to control his sponge to fill his maze with colors. Along with that, the gameplay that you will manipulate with the game will be straightforward by simply tapping and swiping on the screen. But to be able to give its players a particular attraction, the game’s challenge system will play a significant role. Many different levels have been arranged for difficulty for you to try and pass.


Besides building yourself an extremely attractive gameplay and challenge system, the graphics will also be a very noticeable factor. With a game to be able to attract players, you will need to own a lot of elements, and beautiful graphics will also be one of them. Understanding this, the game’s developer has also paid great attention to the game’s research and development of the appropriate graphics system.

When you start with COLOR aMAZE on the first login, then you will probably be hooked on the game’s graphics. The game will only be designed in a minimalist graphic style to be able to match the gameplay but will always ensure a display quality at the highest level. Along with that, this is a game with the main task of coloring the maze, so a lot of colorful colors will be added and make your play more enjoyable.


Participate in a game built in the Puzzle genre with a carefully arranged screen system.The player’s main task at the beginning of his game will be to use the sponge and fill the mazes.The control system of the game has been designed to be extremely simple, with just swipes and touches that are easy to play.The designers always put the game’s simplicity first, but it will also be an effective time killer.The game’s graphics are designed in a simple way, but combined with vibrant colors, they will satisfy the player’s eyes.