Hit And Run-Hit And Run v1.1.8 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Diamonds)

Hit And Run-Hit And Run v1.1.8 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Diamonds) title=

Hit And Run


Speed and accuracy are always important to a marksman. You will enter a land full of monsters attacking you in Hit And Run. Use bows and arrows quickly and accurately to destroy them all and show your level.


In this game, the player transforms into an adventurer with a bow and arrow to enter mysterious but dangerous lands. The bow is your only weapon; use it to shoot monsters that move and attack you. You can upgrade your bow to higher levels to increase attack power. Collect the same bows and arrows as you battle monsters to upgrade your bows and arrows.


One of the most challenging things for players is the movement speed and attack of monsters. They can attack you, and they are constantly moving towards you and firing at you. There are many monsters, but you are alone, so move carefully to avoid the attacks. The higher the level, the faster the monster’s speed.


On top of the character icon, there is an icon of your bloodline. At the start of the battle, your health line is in full mode. However, when a monster’s bullet hits you, it will gradually decrease until reaching 0, your character dies. In addition to coordinating moves and shooting arrows at monsters, players can use items such as armor, healing potions, healing, etc., which can be purchased in the store of Hit And Run.

There are many levels, and the map and terrain will change at each level. The creatures and monsters in each of those areas also changed. The difficulty will gradually increase with the greater the reward. Protect your character’s life well and explore new areas!

Transform into an intrepid adventurer, explore mysterious and dangerous new areasBow is the only weapon equipped. Upgrade it so that each arrow you shoot can instantly kill a monsterMonsters are very numerous and constantly move to and attack you. Smart moves combined with shooting them down to surviveUse items such as armor, healing potions, healing… to strengthen the character’s physical strength when hit by a monster’s bulletVarious maps and monsters on each level, and the increasing difficulty and rewards are both a challenge and an attraction.